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We form partnerships with entrepreneurs to help them grow beyond their talent and vision.

We support industry specialists to establish an impactful and leading business

Our services include expert advice on marketing, analytics, finance, design, branding and technical product development. By making these fundamental resources available, we enable start-ups and established companies to turn into Modern Day Businesses.

A synthesis of

The foundation of our approach is rooted in the combination of design thinking, measurable data and appropriate funding. Together with our team of venture-builders, data analysts, developers, designers, and business specialists we realise the next generation of entrepreneurship.

Hands-on Approach

Investion is not an incubator or accelerator. Our role is participatory and always informed by both the entrepreneur's vision and the specific needs of the business. We operate as hands-on partners and develop tailored growth and support plans for a duration of 18 to 36 months. The result are healthy and independent ventures — Modern Day Business, as we say.

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