We partner with visionary entrepreneurs to shape modern day businesses

A synthesis of

We look at design-thinking combined with measurable data and a conscious funding as the essential foundation for our approach. Investion is comprised of a varied group of venture builders, data specialists, developers, design thinkers and business specialists.

Together we bring diverse skills and perspectives into a business and we're engaged across all facets, from high-level business problems to tactile execution. We set ambitions, do critical thinking, nurture new skills, solve complex challenges and capitalise growth. From high-level business problems to tactile execution.

Fields of interest

Strategy & Business Dev

Identify revenue drivers and improve growth opportunities

Product & Tech Roadmap

Achieve the most viable results through targeted actions

Design Thinking

Use creative solutions to find opportunities, tackle challenges and make a positive impact

Data Science

Gather precise figures to make well-informed decisions and accurate forecasts

Business Modelling

Get your business model and its key drivers crystal clear

Finance & Funding

Fuel strategic growth without being stuck in time-consuming procedures

Hands-on Approach

Investion is not an incubator or accelerator. Our role is participatory and always informed by both the entrepreneur's vision and the specific needs of the business. We operate as hands-on partners and develop tailored growth and support plans for a duration of 18 to 36 months. The result are healthy and independent ventures — Modern Day Business, as we say.