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Investing in entrepreneurs to build, evolve and grow successful businesses for the digital age.

Investion 101

A brief introduction on how we work and invest.

Who do you work with?

We invest in confident entrepreneurs with a bright vision, in-depth industry knowledge, and with a product or service that has the potential to become a leading business in their segment.

What stage do you typically step in?

Early - Annual Revenue € 0 – 250k

We don't shy away to partner early — when a business is newly formed. We accompany founders with improving the fundamentals of the company, product, and its model. Typical investment amounts are between €250k – €500k.

Established - Annual Revenue € 5–10 mio

We also partner with entrepreneurs that already mastered the first phases and are up to the next challenge. We help to look beyond the growing pains and support the business across all c-level roles to give shape to the next phase. Typical investment amounts are between €5 – 15 million.

What investor position do you prefer?

We feel totally comfortable to be the first investor, or lead a round. When we commit, we're in there for the long run and we could also lead or take place in follow up rounds.

What is the origin of the capital you invest?

The Investion partners always commit initial investments; this enables us to make fast decisions and have full engagement. Follow up investments through-out the entire lifecycle of the company will be made via co-investment vehicles with closely related family funds and individuals.

What type of segments do you invest in?

We don’t like to narrow our scope to specific categories or industries — we believe in-depth industry knowledge is known best by the entrepreneurs and their teams. We add value by improving universal business fundamentals.

What are you looking for in a company?

We keep our eyes open for bold companies that leverage technology to solve complex problems or transform legacy markets. We look beyond the issues and results of the day, we look for the long-term transformational opportunity that lies beneath the surface. The future doesn't have to be crystalized out, together we could define the right path forward.

How does your decision making process work?

We prefer to start working together without formal agreements to get a better feeling of the teams, market and product - this helps both parties to do better informed decisions. No string attached from both sides.

How are you organised?

We’re a small, dedicated team, offering essential support to all C-level roles. We're seasoned experts in building companies and investing, with expertise in design, entrepreneurship, data science and capital. We also have access to an extensive support network.

How is your relationship with founders?

We want to offer founding teams a home base outside of their own company, the listening ear, the right network of support, help to prioritizing problems, solve complex challenges, have real conversations. We’re all about open communication and shared understanding.

How are you involved?

We are convinced today's' investor partnership should go beyond the numbers. Having our roots in the digital age, we have a full understanding of the modern principles and challenges of building a business. Merging our expertise and experience with the founding teams', we form highly capable and dedicated partnerships.

Investion is not an incubator or accelerator. Our role is participatory and always informed by both the entrepreneur's vision and the specific needs of the business. On a daily base, we help entrepreneurs to look ahead, identify opportunity, bring products to life, and unlock the full potential of their business.


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